LOL: 2020 Dem Ran Ads About Breaking Up Facebook's Monopoly....On Facebook

Gladys Abbott
March 12, 2019

U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren thinks Apple has an unfair advantage on the App Store and believes the company should not be in control of the iOS app marketplace. "But if you want proof of Elizabeth's point that Facebook has too much power, look no further than their ability to shut down a debate over... whether Facebook has too much power". They've bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else. "We all use them", the ads read.

A Facebook spokesman couldn't confirm to HuffPost exactly when the company took down the ads but said they were back up on the website as of Monday evening.

Per company policy, the statement reportedly said, Facebook bans advertisers that reference its name or company logo in order to weed out ads that falsely promote a product using the company's name. After Politico reported on the story, however, Facebook quickly worked to restore them.

Facebook temporarily removed four advertisements placed by Sen.

Not all of Warren's presidential campaign ads were affected.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign for U.S. President has taken a hard line against big tech, and she has Apple in her sights. The affected ads, which were almost identical and included a video, directed Facebook users to a petition on Warren's website asking them "to support our plan to break up these big tech companies". She used the flap to warn that it was unsafe for cyberspace to by "dominated by a single censor".

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Well, are they in competition with others who are developing the products? "And in the process, they have hurt small businesses and stifled innovation", Warren wrote on Medium.

"Because it'll be a lot more fun to work there", Warren responded.

Warren has differentiated herself from her fellow Democratic presidential contenders in calling for direct government intervention to downsize large tech companies.

And she doubled down a few minutes later, retweeting a reply to her comment.

"The whole idea behind this is for the people in this room", the MA senator said.

But, Politico notes, the ads were soon scrubbed and replaced with a message: "This ad was taken down because it goes against Facebook's advertising policies".

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