British PM Theresa May must chip away Brexit resistance bloc by bloc

Frederick Owens
March 14, 2019

The currency swung about in an nearly 100-pip range soon after the House of Commons handed May her second defeat in two months on the U.K.'s divorce from the European Union.

Announcing the breakthrough in Britain's House of Commons, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington said lawmakers faced "a fundamental choice ... to vote for the improved deal or to plunge this country into a political crisis".

Juncker believed "it is high time to complete the withdrawal process in line with the wishes expressed by the government of the United Kingdom and to move on as swiftly as possible to the negotiation of our future partnership".

Other EU nations had urged British politicians to seize the chance to back the deal and ensure an orderly departure.

May - who will chair a meeting of her cabinet this morning - now faces an anxious wait to see if the new-look deal has won the backing of the DUP and Tory Brexiteer backbenchers.

It says that if the two sides aren't able to conclude a free-trade deal that supersedes the backstop "nothing in the Withdrawal Agreement would prevent it from instigating measures that could ultimately lead to disapplication" of backstop obligations.

The last-gasp effort to resolve the impasse over Britain's departure from the European Union on March 29 is in trouble after the government's legal advice said it did not provide for a clean break in future.

Will the Prime Minister seek further changes in Brussels?

"It's likely the pound will react in light of the aftermath of tonight's vote - but in which way depends on the outcome of the vote".

Top EU officials warned that the defeat had increased the chances of a chaotic "no-deal" British exit, which could mean major disruption for businesses and people in the United Kingdom and numerous 27 remaining EU countries.

The British opposition Labour Party's decision to vote against the deal deepened their pessimism.

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"Nothing has really changed, and it is still a bad deal so unable to vote for this".

If, however, the deal fails to pass through yet again, Theresa May's previously set timetable is set to kick in - with MPs given a vote by Wednesday on leaving the European Union without any agreement in place, which is expected to be defeated because there is very little support for such a no-deal Brexit option.

If lawmakers vote down May's deal again, they will be given a vote on Wednesday on leaving without a deal, and if they turn down that option they will vote on Thursday on delaying Brexit.

"For £50 for Help for Heroes, I bet the third meaningful vote will let on Tuesday the 26th of March".

She claims the changes now means the Irish backstop - the insurance policy created to avoid a hard border in Ireland - could not "become permanent".

The border at the moment is invisible, and people, goods and services can travel through it freely.

The U.K. also published a separate document, "interpreting" the joint statement in its own wording but with the tacit consent of the EU.

May has said she would not give in to any solution that would divide the United Kingdom and negotiated for a United Kingdom -wide backstop.

Alongside these documents was a "unilateral declaration by the UK" which sets out "sovereign action" by which Britain could seek to have the backstop removed if the European Union acted in bad faith.

One on Wednesday would decide whether Britain should simply leave on March 29 without any deal at all.

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