Battlefield V Firestorm Datamine Reveals Lots Of Potential Details

Isaac Cain
March 11, 2019

And now a couple hours later, a new tutorial video of Firestorm has leaked, showing off the best-look at the mode yet.

The very popular Battle Royale Mode like seen on popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Realme Royale, and PUBG Mobile game now seems to be coming to the battlefield 5.

The Battlefield 5 new data mine revealed a lot of exciting details about the upcoming battle royal Firestorm.

Battlefield 5 sold more than 7 million copies, but overall it failed to meet EA's commercial expectations. We reported helicopters and the various modes you can undertake during your time with Firestorm.

Overall, it looks and sounds like a fairly conventional battle royale: It's a "level playing field" with no distinct classes, and while teammates can revive you when you're down, once you're out, you're out-there are also no Apex-like resurrection stations to bring you back from the dead.

You'll have weapons of varying rarity and effectiveness, and have to manage your inventory to ensure you don't run out of the right ammo type for your specific gun. Maybe this will spark Dice to release something more official.

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Firestorm's map have major objectives that, when captured, unlock attack vehicles.

The files also mentions safes and vehicles "breakouts", healing and amour resupplies, and offers some more information on the reinforcements mentioned in the trailer.

You can use your sidearm while downed, which is a unique feature in the battle royale genre.

At any rate, you can check it out for yourself, and make your own mind up: grab a snack, or your beverage of choice, and hit play on the clip below.

In true battle royale style, players will begin a Firestorm match by parachuting onto the map. Check out the full reddit post above and let us know in the comments.

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