Super Snow Moon lights up UAE sky and around the world

Gwen Vasquez
February 21, 2019

The supermoon will occur during this full moon because it will be closest in its orbit to Earth. Super Snow Moon 2019 Date and Timings in India: Know All About The Biggest Supermoon of the Year.

You will have an opportunity to check out February's Full Moon through Wednesday morning.

Contrary to popular belief, this super-sized full moon won't leave you temporarily crazed, nor should it interfere with sleep. It will also be about 1,627 miles closer than the next supermoon, on March 19.

The moon's gravity causes the earth's tides, so around a supermoon night you can expect the highest and lowest tides of the year - known as supermoontides.

Supermoon brightens sky on Lantern Festival: Visitors to Bedok Jetty yesterday evening were in for a special treat when a supermoon - said to be the biggest and brightest of the year - appeared in the sky.

If you really want to be wowed, your best bet is to check out the full moon when it rises in the east as the sun is setting in the west.

A super snow moon visible over Berlin, Germany.

According to USA Today, the moon will only be about 221,000 miles from Earth, which is about 17,000 miles closer than the average.

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February's Supermoon is being called a Snowmoon as certain Native American tribes in the United States called the second full moon of the winter so. The sun will cover the moon's brightness, so the best time to see the supermoon will be overnight Monday.

November 2016 was the closest that the moon has been to the earth.

While there are a few "supermoon" occurrences a year, this February full moon occurs closest to the exact perigee than any other full moon through 2019.

The perigee is caused by the oval orbit the moon takes around the earth.

But Dr Tucker says things like lunar eclipses are rare, so events like the super blood wolf moon can live up to the hype.

When Can We See the 'Snow Moon?'

An aircraft taking off is seen passing in front of full moon in December of 2017. Recently, stargazers have also been using nicknames from The Farmer's Almanac to describe each month's full moons.

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