Colonization of Mars canceled: Mars One goes bankrupt

Gwen Vasquez
February 13, 2019

In the past, the company has said that arm of the business "holds the exclusive monetization rights around the mission", including merchandise, advertising and broadcasting rights, as well as intellectual property.

Be that as it may, many of Mars One's claims have come under intense scrutiny in the years since its beginning. Then, it was reported that Ukrainian was selected in the Mars One project. Utilizing its new investment plan, Mars One Ventures will establish a marketing machine, creating continuous content about these activities, evaluated from all angles, including technological, psychological, economical, and ethical aspects.

Mars One started grabbing headlines in 2012 when the company revealed its insane plan to send humans to Mars in 2020s. And in a surprise to no one, the whistleblower said Mars One had no real budget or concrete plan to even go to Mars, much less set up shop there.

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He stated that the nonprofit foundation of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive but has no investment to add any value to the company. In addition, it said, the people chosen as finalists to go to Mars were not the most inspiring or capable, but simply the folks who'd given the most money to Mars One. Along the way, Mars One also fended off accusations that it was running a scam, getting people to pay almost $40 for a remote chance to travel in space. Matter likewise discovered that Mars One's process for choosing these candidates was questionable.

In a new press release - the first official word from the company since July 2018, by the way - Mars One Ventures confirms reports that it has hit bankruptcy, while noting that it has a month to figure out how to drag itself out of its grave.

Founder Bas Lansdorp, confirmed the news to Engadget and told the publication he was "working to find a solution".

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