HTC's Vive Cosmos VR headset is wonderful - and frustrating - in equal measure

Isaac Cain
January 8, 2019

It's only recently that browsing the web in VR has ventured away from viewing your normal monitor through a headset, and now HTC Vive wants to push that even further by announcing several new collaborations.

In addition to enabling eye control, eye tracking technology opens the door for foveated rendering, which involves only rendering the part of the experience where the user is looking. Both the VR headsets are targeted at a different set of users.

The thing is, when something like the HTC Vive Cosmos is launched and it's not fully explained, it's incredibly frustrating because it doesn't give VR the platform it deserves. That's intentional as Cosmos won't rely on any external tracking sensors, which points strongly at onboard internal sensors.

HTC also debuted an all-new VR headset called the Cosmos. No problem. With the flip-up design, jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds without disrupting your immersive journey. Cosmos can still also be powered by a PC or a laptop, but it seems like mobile will be the next steps for VR functionality. Pricing and availability of the new Vive Cosmos is yet to be made official. The company created this as a headset that can be used anywhere.

Today, at CES 2019, HTC took the stage to launch several new products and upgrades in its popular Vive virtual reality division. Lockheed Martin is using the Vive Pro Eye to help train student pilots, for example.

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The eye tracking hardware enables new experiences and thus "your eyes are transformed into an intuitive controller and intention communicator, and the results are quickened reaction for games, insightful data collection and much more".

It can work out the high-end tech problems needed to make VR a slicker experience with brands willing to pay huge sums to use it, to get the awesome experiences VR can bring to their customers, and eventually everyone will benefit.

Finally, HTC also announced an exciting update for members of the Viveport subscription service: starting on Vive Day, April 5, 2019, Viveport will move to an unlimited subscription model known as Viveport Infinity.

According to HTC, the number of Viveport subscriptions went up three times since last CES, and it also has three times the amount of content as before.

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