Google’s secret Android replacement will run Android apps

Isaac Cain
January 4, 2019

While any further information on Fuchsia and Android integration isn't available, it would be safe to assume that Google intends to launch Fuchsia OS in the future in such a manner that it doesn't suffer the fate of Windows Mobile. This combines with the work that Google is doing in making sure that Android apps' user interfaces adapt automagically to multiple form factors, from smartphones to foldable devices to tablets to laptops.

Ever since the first reports detailing this mysterious operating system came out, we heard that Fuchsia would run Android apps out of the box. It will indeed have a special version of the ART, which can be installed on any Fuchsia OS running device.

Looks like Google won't make your Android apps obsolete whenever it switches to the Fuchsia operating system.

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The second clue about Fuchsia's destiny as an Android replacement is the fact that its graphical engine - codenamed Escher - has specific volumetric rendering code that will specifically help the Material Design UI, according to Ars Technica. Apple now segments its iOS operating system distribution data into two charts, with one being focused on older iOS devices and the other consisting of iPhones and iPads released in the last four years. Most of you are probably interested to know when will Fuchsia become official, and when will you be able to use it. Also mentioned is that Google's Fuchsia OS won't be running the Android apps using the current ART build as it is.

When that will be is still unclear however; right now, the suggestion is that Fuchsia will begin running on smart home devices in the next three years, with a full public release arriving within the next five. It will be many months before we see Fuchsia in the wild.

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