GoFundMe is refunding all donations made to the 'Build the Wall' fundraiser

Frederick Owens
January 13, 2019

Brian Kolfage, a purple heart veteran and triple amputee, explained in an update on the GoFundMe page Friday that they'd set up a non-profit and are "better equipped than our own government to use the donated funds to build an actual wall on the southern border".

The GoFundMe campaign that was raising money to build a wall between the US-Mexico border did not meet its $1 billion goal, which means the platform will begin issuing refunds to donors.

The campaign, created in December of a year ago, had raised $20 million.

Turns out an Air Force veteran is having just as much trouble funding a border wall between the USA and Mexico as President Donald Trump.

On Friday, Kolfage updated the page and introduced a non-profit titled "We Build the Wall, Inc". When it started, he said he would only collect the funds if the campaign hit $1 billion, or about one-fifth of what President Donald Trump requests from Congress to start construction.

Among the members of "We Build the Wall", Kolfage names former Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, Blackwater founder Erik Prince and former Kansas Secretary of Sate Kris Kobach, among others.

Even though the federal government is unable to accept financial donations with strings attached, last month congressional Republicans introduced legislation that would allow the US Treasury to accept donations from the public earmarked for the border wall, according to BuzzFeedNews. The money will be automatically returned if they do not, said Whithorne.

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But it reported that three military hospitals named by Kolfage said they never received any funds from him.

A crowdfunding effort to raise money for President Trump's coveted border wall has morphed into a construction project that aims to build the barrier without federal help. The Air Force veteran wrote on the campaign's page, "Eight days before Christmas I started this GoFundMe campaign because I was exhausted of watching the US government's inability to secure our southern border".

That's part of the reason donors are getting refunds.

Whithorne noted that organizers had also promised that "100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall". I am honoring that commitment today. The government has now been shut down for a record 22 days over the impasse between the president and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

Instead, he pointed to government inefficiencies and the fact that the federal government "won't be able to accept our donations anytime soon".

With the now longest government shutdown in USA history taking place over the funding of the border wall, Kolfage's campaign page said he "was exhausted of watching the U.S. government's inability to secure our southern border".

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