Pokemon Go PVP Is Coming Soon, Let Trainer Battles Begin

Isaac Cain
December 3, 2018

Since the release of Pokemon GO last 2016, fans are requesting to add the trainer battle in the game. Niantic simply announced that they're on the way in a new tweet to the Pokemon GO Twitter account.

As you have probably heard by now, Trainer Battles are coming to Pokemon GO! "Get prepared... Trainer Battles are coming soon to Pokemon GO", the tweet reads, leaving us completely in the dark when it comes to the finer details.

Players are only allowed to have three Pokemon in their party for Trainer Battles. Great League has a limit of 1,500 CP per Pokemon, Ultra League has a limit of 2,500 CP per Pokemon, and Master League has no CP limit.

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Are you ready to battle your friends in Pokémon GO? The image shows off a player avatar in a battle arena similar to what has been shown in a mainline Pokemon game or in the classic anime. The tweet features a player character model who stands on the far edge of a field, and for some reason, an exclamation point floats above her head.

There was no text to go along with the image so we're just left with speculation but it seems pretty clear cut what the team is teasing here. Niantic has addressed the first two issues in the months since launch, but it was still unclear when player vs. player battles would be added to the game. Currently, the only battle system Trainers can engage in is gym battles and raids which feature gameplay mechanics like tapping the screen and long pressing to perform a charge move.

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