Major Fortnite announcements will come at The Game Awards

Isaac Cain
December 5, 2018

Back in September, Epic reported that Fortnite has around 78.3 million active users, with a peak concurrent player count of 8.3 million.

"As developers ourselves, we wanted two things: a store with fair economics, and a direct relationship with players.", the Epic Games blog post reads.

How Epic manages developer expectations will be a point of concern. This latest installment was announced in 2014 as a sort of opensource development version of the game. The announcement seemed to be aimed at bigger publisher seeking to release their games exclusively on their own launchers, like Activision-Blizzard and Bethesda.

The image below, released by Epic, shows how revenue is divided on Steam and the Epic Games Store. At first it will only contain a few select titles for PC and Mac, but eventually, it will open up to include Android games. This way creators can share in some of the revenue for the games they specifically recommended, something I'm sure Twitch and YouTube streamers will love. It's unclear how successful Epic Games will be with their new store, but allowing developers - especially small studios - to keep 88 percent of the revenue is a great move for the industry.

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The Epic Games Store won't just be selling games built using the company's popular Unreal Engine, with Epic indicating that even titles made in competing engines, such as Unity, will be available.

We're motivated by economic efficiency. Because of the high volume of Fortnite transactions, we can process store payments, serve bandwidth, and support customers very efficiently. The company blog indicates that the store has been in progress for over five years.

That does make one wonder what does quality mean to Epic Games in this case, especially when Steam is overrun with many games of dubious quality, and stores like GOG get complaints about not letting good games onto the storefronts at times. The latter is still nearly twice as large as Epic Games' commission.

Epic's chart detailing its revenue split for sales on its new Epic Games online store. This about matches a similar 88/12 split that Epic offered over the summer for the Unreal Engine Marketplace, which itself was an increase from the original 70/30 split.

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