Instagram now lets you choose who can - and can’t - see your Stories

Isaac Cain
December 1, 2018

The app's new Close Friends feature makes it easier to restrict your Stories to a select group of people, so you don't have to worry about your boss, your parents, or random strangers having a look.

Close Friends is now rolling out to users around the world in the latest version of Instagram for Android and iOS. However, it seems to apply only to Stories, not regular posts, for now.

If a user adds you to their friend list, you'll see a green ring around their Story ring, same with you adding a story.

Instagram first teased the feature, then called "favorites", previous year in response to the growing popularity of "finstas", secondary, often secret, accounts that people use to share content within a smaller circle of friends. From then on, you can choose to share any given Story only with those folks, potentially allowing you to be more open than you'd be if they were visible to the teeming masses.

Earlier this year, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users. In this case, a green badge will appear on that person's story indicating they've chosen you as a "close friend". As the platform becomes bigger, users may not feel comfortable sharing certain content with a wider audience.

You can see who has made you a
You can see who has made you a"close friend on Instagram by looking for the green badge in their

Instagram Stories have, in the past, been an all-or-nothing affair.

Unlike Snapchat's ill-fated "best friends" though, your "close friends" on Instagram are not viewable by anyone else, though you can tell when someone else has made you their best friend. On the upside, though, you might be able to finally ditch that finsta account.

While the platform lets you block specific people from viewing your Story, that route is far more tedious for restricting access to your Stories.

To use this feature, start by creating a Story.

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