NASA’s InSight lander arrives on Mars

Gwen Vasquez
November 27, 2018

'This is a concern that there could be a problem on landing, so I will be excited when I know it's landed safely'.

The thee-legged, one-armed InSight will operate from the same spot for the next two years.

XQc probably could have picked a better example than the Moon Landing, where radio signals had to travel roughly 238,900 miles from the Moon to Earth with equipment available nearly 50 years ago.

The stationary 360kg lander will use its 1.8m robotic arm to place a mechanical mole and seismometer on the ground.

A series of instruments, including a drill that can bury down several feet, will be used to measure the internal temperature of Mars and the wobble of its poles.

An engineer smiles next to an image of Mars sent from the InSight lander shortly after it landed on Mars.

The last part of the journey was the most harrowing, with NASA calling it "seven minutes of terror" due to the agency's inability to control the landing of the spacecraft, which cost $828 million.

However, it's not the first time we've attempted to get to Mars. "Sometimes things work out in your favor".

InSight's landing and all that follows from here on is the kind of knowledge base that can change the world's science textbooks forever. "Landing on Mars is hard and takes a lot of personal sacrifices, such as missing the traditional Thanksgiving, but making InSight successful is well worth the extraordinary effort".

"We never take Mars for granted".

The image was marred by specks of debris on the camera cover.

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"What a relief", Manning said. "This is really fantastic".

Bridenstine added that right after the landing was confirmed he got a call from a number that came up "with all zeros" on his phone.

The three-legged InSight spacecraft reached the surface after being slowed by a parachute and braking engines, the space agency said.

Nothing like this has been attempted before at our next-door neighbor, almost 160 million kilometers (100 million miles) away. NASA TV coverage was also shown on the giant screen in New York's Times Square, where crowds huddled under umbrellas in the rain.

Another NASA spacecraft is on Mars after engineers successfully land it on Monday after seven months in space.

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have a testbed that looks like a pile of gravel in a lab, complete with boulders and a full engineering model of InSight that they can recreate the landing site with.

Mars has been the graveyard for a multitude of space missions.

No surprise, then, that the success of the landing set the internet ablaze.

It was NASA's eighth successful Mars landing since the 1976 Vikings.

"The main goal of InSight is to understand what the fundamental makeup is of Mars, as in how large the core is, how large the mantle is and how large the crust is", says Tom Hoffman, project manager for InSight at JPL.

Scientists hope that this information can help us have a better understanding of how planets are formed - including our own.

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