LG likely to unveil foldable phone at Consumer Electronics Show January 2019

Isaac Cain
November 3, 2018

Samsung Electronics is forecast to unveil its user interface for foldable smartphones at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) to be held in San Francisco on November 7 and 8. The Galaxy S10 will have the heavy task of bringing new and it seems that this is the case, according to a report from Bloomberg. This gives Samsung plenty of time to build enough sensors for the Galaxy S10, although we do not yet have confirmation of what the camera setup will be.

"Demand for ultra-small, high-resolution image sensors are growing as smartphones evolve to deliver new and more exciting camera experiences for users", said Ben Hur, Vice President of Samsung's System LSI Marketing. And since Samsung's fiscal calendar ends on 31 December, it may mean that these new sensors may make an appearance in next year's phones. This is the information we have got when the source about Samsung Galaxy F was out, Galaxy F was also imagined to be the foldable phone.

This latest revelation provides a very strong indication that Samsung's flagship device will be the first major smartphone to come without any kind of bezel around its screen, with its face buttons hidden underneath. He further added, "To me the appeal is obvious: we're close to the limit in mobile device screen sizes, and foldables have the ability to push that limit out quite a bit". The risk of screen damage from drops would also be lower, given that the phone would not have a screen on the outside when folded.

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Separately, Samsung even reported record profits in Q3 2018, but most of that credit goes to its semi-conductor business. The foldable phone we saw earlier this week, which is already available for preorder, has a folding screen on the outside.

Geskin also showed off what this display may look like when the phone is in a game.

By the way, Samsung and Google are working together to develop a special version of Android for sophisticated smartphone.

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