Khashoggi’s body chopped and dissolved in acid

Frederick Owens
November 5, 2018

Istanbul's chief prosecutor, who is leading the investigation, announced last week that Khashoggi, who lived in exile in the United States, was strangled immediately after he entered the consulate as part of a premeditated killing and that his body was dismembered before being removed.

A Saudi diplomat told the U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday that the kingdom's prosecutors are investigating Khashoggi's death and will prosecute the perpetrators.

During Monday's review, Western countries especially voiced outrage at the killing, with many calling for a "credible" and "transparent" investigation, and some, like Iceland and Costa Rica, going further and demanding an global probe.

"A thorough, conclusive and transparent investigation carried out in accordance with due process with results made public is essential", he insisted.

Hunt's announcement came after Washington, which has long backed the Saudis, called for Riyadh to end its airstrikes in the country.

The delegation is presenting a report over the country's efforts to live up to its global human rights obligations, and will respond to questions and comments from countries around the world on its record.

In an editorial published in The Washington Post Friday, Erdogan said it came from "the highest levels" of the Saudi government, while he did "not believe for a second" that Saudi's King Salman had ordered the crime.

He had become a sharp critic of the Saudi government and of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been pioneering an ambitious economic and social reform programme in the country.

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He was released in January this year after three months in detention following an undisclosed financial agreement with the government, similar to deals that authorities struck with most other detainees in exchange for their freedom.

A number of countries have already submitted lists of detailed questions for the review, including direct questions from Britain, Austria and Switzerland on the Khashoggi case.

They said the fact that a clean-up team was dispatched suggested Khashoggi's killing "was within the knowledge of top Saudi officials".

"You can see that [the UK's question] very elegantly phrased, but there's no mistaking the bite behind it", Brennan said. The rebels said they had repelled the offensive, killing or wounding 215 troops and destroying 20 armored vehicles.

Hunt said the United Kingdom "will use all its influence" to push for a political settlement of the dispute between the ruling Houthi Ansarulah movement and the resigned government which is backed by Saudi Arabia.

On October 19, after more than two weeks of denials, Saudi Arabia admitted the journalist had been killed in a brawl inside the consulate.

"This case can not be covered up, and we are expecting close cooperation from Saudi authorities on the investigation we are conducting transparently and meticulously", Gul said.

Almost half of the money in the fund comes from Saudi Arabia and there has been a pledge of another $45 billion this year.

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