Facebook launches TikTok-like short video app ‘Lasso’

Isaac Cain
November 12, 2018

Through the app, you can watch an endless stream of video clips, follow other creators, and discover new content under popular hashtags -or similar to what TikTok offers.

After that, you will be easily able to scroll through already made videos by users and these videos will autoplay as you scroll by them. The company spokesperson also added they are excited to see the high potential and also the company will be gathering feedback and people as well as the creators. In comparison, almost 69 percent of U.S. teenagers use Snapchat, 72 percent say they use Instagram and 85 percent say they use YouTube.

The social media website stated that the app makes it convenient for anyone to create and share short videos with fun effects.

Yes, I am talking about an all-new application that the social network giant Facebook just launched and it is known as Lasso, a true clone of the well-known application TikTok.

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Edit 1: This app is not available for users in India as of now. Lasso, however, has a "massive music library" as well. Users will have to first authorize the app to allow access to their photos, and videos. Facebook will soon roll out the option to enable Instagram-sharing as well.

You can log in to Lasso with your Facebook account with instant personalization.

As the Verge noted, Pew Research data published earlier this year showed that approximately half of teens ages 13 to 17 in the United States reported using Facebook, down from the 71 per cent that reported using the social media platform during Pew's 2014-2015 survey. All Lasso profiles are public. Lasso has a report button, but it is still unclear if Facebook will draw a line on what is allowed and what is not. If you belong to any other country, you can try downloading the app from the links given in the article.

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