Diablo Immortal is a "full fledged action-RPG" mobile game

Isaac Cain
November 4, 2018

Yeah, but they would say it wasn't Diablo 4 even if it was going to be Diablo 4, wouldn't they?

The backlash from the announcement can be boiled down to fans excitement and desire for a sequel to 2012's Diablo 3. With so many leaks and rumors about a new animated show and knowing that the team is hard at work on another new Diablo game, the reveal of the mobile game Immortal was quite the shock. Skarn intends to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and use them to resurrect Diablo. The game launches in 2019, and comes with the popular World Editor tool, and Battle.net support. There will also be new zones, new stories, and new dungeons to play through. The game will take place between Diablo 2 and 3 and fill in some gaps in our knowledge of the franchise. Despite the fact that many fans expected Blizzard to announce PC-related Diablo project (new game or remaster), the US company unveiled a mobile game - Diablo Immortal.

At Blizzard's 2018 Blizzcon gaming event, lead game designer Wayne Cheng confirmed that players will be able to revisit prominent Diablo locations, including the kingdom of Westmarch "during its golden age". It'll have six playable classes: Monk, Wizard, Barbarian, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader (no love for the Witch Doctor, it seems), controlled with virtual joysticks and onscreen ability buttons.

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The massively multiplayer spin-off will allow over a dozen players to fight together with 6 familiar classes. They then added that it was important that this was an all new Diablo experience since Diablo III is already sort of in that portable market space.

At the time of publication, Blizzard/Activision has not actually announced any form of a release date for Diablo Immortal, but we can all keep our fingers crossed that it arrives sooner rather than later. Here, you can sign up to be pre-registered so you can receive news and updates as the development of the game progresses.

"No", he replied, "it's a fully fledged Diablo experience on mobile, which everybody will get to play, and hopefully, which will bring new heroes to Sanctuary as well as welcoming our community back into it and something we're very excited about".

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