Action Involving Russian and American Planes over the Black Sea

Frederick Owens
November 8, 2018

The U.S. Navy is releasing video of a U.S. EP-3 Aries aircraft flying November 5, 2018, in worldwide airspace over the Black Sea being intercepted by a Russian Su-27.

"This interaction was determined to be unsafe due to the SU-27 conducting a high speed pass directly in front of the mission aircraft, putting at risk the pilots and crew".

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a U.S.

Whether the USA military labels an air encounter is unsafe or unprofessional has less to do with the distances between aircraft and more with the behavior of the pilots intercepting the aircraft.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said the United States aircraft suffered turbulence and vibrations when the jet passed them twice throughout the 25-minute ordeal.

The Navy EP-3 was operating out of Souda Bay, Greece, according to Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon. - We hope that [henceforth] they will behave in accordance with global standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents, including the 1972 Agreement on the prevention of incidents at sea and airspace above it (INCSEA).

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In what the US Navy is calling a risky manoeuvre, a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet intercepted a US Navy aircraft multiple times over the Black Sea airspace.

It's unclear how close the aircraft came to hitting each other or whether the Russian fighter was armed.

Russia described the January maneuver as legal and said it was escorting the Navy plane, according to a Russian Defense Ministry statement shortly afterward.

The incident comes as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation conducts the Norway-based exercise Trident Juncture, which Moscow has called a provocation because of its proximity to Russian Federation.

After resolving the issue "in a safe manner", the Su-27 returned to its base. "There is no margin for error and insufficient time or space for our aircrews to take corrective action".

Encounters between Russian and well as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation warplanes have increased as Moscow has been seeking to demonstrate its resurgent military might.

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