A popular YouTuber was able to bend the new iPad Pro easily

Isaac Cain
November 20, 2018

As you'll see in the video below, the metal can be scratched easily, but you won't damage it. You won't see drastic results in day-to-day use but might consider slapping a case to protect the tablet while giving it a little extra reinforcement.

So, if you've purchased the new Apple iPad Pro (or are planning to buy one soon), make sure you take proper care of it. In the video (embedded below), Nelson starts off by testing the iPad Pro's display for scratch resistance using multiple picks conforming to Mohs hardness scale. Essentially the sapphire glass lens cover is no better than covering the lens with the glass used on the front of the iPad. Yes, we're in a world where foldable touch screens may well one day be essential rather than an expensive proof of concept, but for now, Apple isn't part of this mad feature grab, and it really shows. Furthermore, you don't put iPads in jeans pockets as you do with phones, so that type of accidental bending is not likely to occur.

It's too early to say whether the new iPad Pros are any easier to snap or bend than their predecessors - a device this shape is always going to be susceptible to deliberate attempts to bend it, and most iPad Pro owners are reporting no problems with bending. He stated that the bending and cracking happened due to the single microphone hole on the left and Apple Pencil's magnetic charging area on the right.

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To an extent, this issue isn't surprising, given that the iPad Pro measures in at just 5.9mm in thickness, making it Apple's thinnest iPad yet. A tablet this size will be placed often in backpacks, bags, or even on a couch cushion. Then again, these devices aren't supposed to be indestructible, so pay attention to how you treat them.

Nelson tested out the 11-inch display, the smaller of Apple's iPad Pro models.

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