‘Pokémon Go’ Adventure Sync Records Steps in Background on Phones

Isaac Cain
October 28, 2018

It's kind of a drag to have the game open all day long as you hope to eek out more distance in hopes of hatching eggs.

"Adventure Sync" is rolling out to Pokemon Go players soon. The main requirement of the passing game involves traveling down the street to meet up with the pokemon and PokeStops actually placed in the real world to advance to new levels in the game, and expand the collection of pokemon. Once Adventure Sync arrives, you'll be able to opt in at any time from within the game. Luckily, a new feature will be introduced into the game soon that will make these endeavors a little bit easier.

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You will also be able to participate in weekly milestones for walking that will offer large rewards for Trainers who manage to complete them. Furthermore, it will sync with HealthKit on iOS and Android's Google Fit to give players access to a weekly summary of distance travelled on foot, calories burned, and steps counted. That device allows players to interact with Pokemon Go without having their phone open, so that they still get credit for walking even when not actively playing the game. Pokemon Go also created an app for the Apple Watch, but you still need to iPhone was nearby. Additionally, when a partner Pokemon finds sweets or an egg hatches, push notifications will be sent to your device.

Niantic specified the feature would be integrated with Apple Health (on iOS) and Google Fit (on Android). Several weeks ago, the Pokemon GO community datamined an update and found evidence of some sort of fitness-focused update that included milestones for walking certain distances.

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