Fortnite Update v5.40 Adds Grappler, Getaway LTM, and Weapon Changes

Isaac Cain
September 9, 2018

The next Fortnite patch has officially arrived and it's introducing a brand new game mode.

High Stakes is a heist themed event that leads on the new limited time mode The Getaway. In this mode squads are tasked with recovering a large jewel and then escaping the map with it in a floating white van.

The new Grappler will connect with a nearby object when fired, pulling the firing player towards it.

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Of course, the High Stakes event has also brought with it the Wild Card skin which is now in the shop for 2000 V-Bucks along with challenges surrounding the Getaway LTM in order to unlock the crowbar. So, while it appears that you'll only need to capture one jewel in order to win, it doesn't sound like these matches are going to end quickly.

Grapplers are of Epic rarity and can be found as floor loot or inside vending machines, treasure chests, supply drops and supply llamas. While carrying a jewel, players will regenerate health and shields, but will be visible to all players for 30 seconds and be slowed down by 10%. To make matters worse, drop rates for long-range weapons will be much more generous in this mode, and you'll also not be able to access jump pads and rifts (in case you were thinking about fast travelling). Getaways will be completed by reaching a van located on the map. Assemble your crew for the new Getaway LTM and complete challenge to get some free rewards.

During the High Stakes event, the Wildcard outfit will be available in the store. There's a new Horde Challenge featuring a new Harvester Ninja; bug fixes and improvements done to enhance the UI and, ultimately, the user experience; and some improvements done to some weapons and items. If you're interested in reading the full patch notes, you can do so here.

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