Boris Johnson calls for tax cuts for a ‘dynamic’ post-Brexit Britain

Frederick Owens
September 10, 2018

A former advisor to David Cameron believes that the character of Boris Johnson matters to an "important section" of the electorate who wouldn't want these characteristics in their Prime Minister.

May's current foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, took a more measured approach.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson continued to attack Britain's Brexit deal in an opinion article Sunday, saying Prime Minister Theresa May had strapped a "suicide vest" to the British Constitution and "handed the detonator" to Brussels.

The Brexit plan recently proposed by Theresa May is "a suicide vest" wrapped around the British constitution, and the detonator has been handed to Brussels, Boris Johnson has said. "We look like a seven-stone (44kg) weakling being comically bent out of shape by a 500lb (226kg) gorilla", he added.

"And the reason is simple: Northern Ireland, and the insanity of the so-called "backstop".

Under the current plan, the United Kingdom is "set to agree to accept" Brussels' rules, the politician says.

"We are reaching the point now where it is extremely hard to see how we can rescue the Conservative Party from a catastrophic split if the Chequers proposals are carried forward", he said.

While the incendiary comments attracted criticism from other Tories, DUP MP Sammy Wilson said last night he wished Mr Johnson had spoken out sooner.

Mr Johnson claimed the backstop and the Chequers plan would both mean "agreeing to take European Union rules, with no say on those rules", leaving the country a "vassal state".

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The prominent Brexiteer's latest assault will fuel speculation about his own leadership ambitions.

He said: "We have managed to reduce the great British Brexit to two appalling options: either we must divide the Union, or the whole country must accept EU law forever". The Tory back-bencher - whose ambition to become Prime Minister appears to burn as brightly as ever - blithely used the sort of language favoured by the extreme-right during the 2016 European Union referendum campaign.

'A suicide bomber murdered many in the courtyard of my office in Helmand, ' he said.

"Comparing the Prime Minister to that isn't amusing".

In a sign of the febrile atmosphere within the Conservative Party, the Sunday Times reported that Mrs May's aides had drawn up a dossier on Mr Johnson at the time the 2016 leadership contest.

Steve Baker, a former junior Brexit minister who resigned over May's Brexit proposals, told the Press Association that he was not advocating a change of leader but warned May faced a massive problem at the September 30-Oct.

If this were so, we might expect Mr Johnson to have resolved to more careful about the language he uses in public.

"When negotiating, the prime minister needs to demonstrate her intent and also her power to deliver", Mr Baker told the Press Association.

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