Pentagon: China building bombers, training pilots for missions against U.S.

Frederick Owens
August 18, 2018

China has increased its military spending and capabilities in recent years and is probably conducting exercises created to train the army for strikes against US targets, according to a report from the Pentagon.

A new report from the Pentagon says China's military has aggressively expanded its bomber operations in recent years and is "likely training for strikes" against the U.S.

No violation of Japanese airspace was detected, but Tokyo, a key United States ally, has accused China of "expanding and increasing" its military activity in the region.

A new Pentagon report says China's military has expanded its bomber operations in recent years while "likely training for strikes" against the USA and its allies.

But the piece also confirmed that China is working to expand its military prowess, saying "the PLA will surely develop its air force with long-range strike capability", and "China is developing its strategic nuclear capability".

Yet, the report says China's goals are not only sought through military means.

Pentagon's report says: "The objective of these reforms is to create a more mobile, modular, lethal ground force capable of being the core of joint operations".

The US is watching Chinese activities carefully as China's power grows in what the Pentagon argues is an era of renewed "great power competition".

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Has China responded to the report's claims?

Several Chinese state-run companies previous year established a joint venture that aims to strengthen China's nuclear power capabilities in line with its ambitions to "become a strong maritime power", the Post said, citing a statement released by the venture.

Last year, PLA bombers flew a dozen operational flights through the Sea of Japan, into the Western Pacific, around Taiwan, and over the East and South China Sea - all potential flashpoints.

The increased military spending and focus on specialized airstrikes come as China and the USA struggle to resolve diplomatic tensions over trade, reports CNBC.

The document also shines a light on China's ongoing military preparations for a "contingency" in the Taiwan Strait.

This year's report reiterates that China will seek to establish new bases in such countries.

The US report didn't just highlight threats to the United States or its allies - there was also a broader discussion of the spread of Chinese influence around the world.

The US has sounded yet another warning about China's expansionist designs and coercive tactics to smother opposition from rival claimants on territorial issues, pointedly referring to the Doklam troop face-off among other such incidents, even as the Chinese defence minister is set to visit India next week.

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