Nintendo Announces New Amiibo, Limited Edition Smash Bros Ultimate

Isaac Cain
August 9, 2018

They are Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont from the classic Castlevania franchise. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, we got the announcement that King K. Rool, the reptilian villain from the Donkey Kong series, will be available as a playable fighter when the game releases at the end of this year.

Game director Mashiro Sakurai gave viewers a deep dive into some game modes the new title will have to offer when it launches on December 7 for the Nintendo Switch.

In addition to playable characters, Sakurai detailed information on new stages, assist trophies, items, and game modes.

For fans that want it all, My Music lets players select specific music tracks for each stage.

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As its release date approaches, we're finding out more and more about Super Smash Bros. The two play the same aside from differing looks and sounds: during the reveal, Masahiro Sakurai noted that the fearsome Vampire Killer whip gives them the longest-range standard attacks in the game, with the drawback that it leaves them vulnerable if they miss. 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 battles will be available, with each player controlling an entire team.

Ditto isn't the only new Pokemon coming to Super Smash Bros. Dark Samus, Chrom, and Richter Belmont will play identically to other characters from their respective games. Up until now, each stage had its own music track. Here, players can pick from a 5-on-5 or 3-on-3 elimination battle. His Final Smash is the Grand Cross, which locks an opponent in an explosive coffin.

The Nintendo Switch first added support for GameCube controllers back in October so players with the Wii U's GameCube controller adaptor could use their preferred method on Switch. This single-player mode is pretty straightforward, as it simply challenges players to fight through a line up of different characters, culminating with a fight against Master Hand (or at least that's the way it's worked in previous games). Ultimate includes an exclusive stage that features a grid, used to help measure the distance and trajectory of special moves and fighter knockback. Rathalos is the first assist trophy that can also appear as a boss on a stage.

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