Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced

Isaac Cain
August 10, 2018

Help Sony celebrate selling over 500 million PlayStation consoles by buying another one!

Sony is to release a specially designed PS4 as a thank-you to PlayStation fans for helping the platform surpass 525.3 million unit sales worldwide.

The PlayStation brand has been around for nearly 24 years at this point, and in that time, Sony has sold a lot of consoles - more than 500 million, in fact.

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The special design sees the classic black PS4 traded for a deep blue translucent console with copper PS4 logos, with the unit's individual number (1 to 50,000) inscribed on the front.

If you want to keep your console but still celebrate the occasion, you can grab a DualShock 4 controller with the same styling as the limited edition console. What makes it special is the translucent dark blue casing with matching DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Although it's a normal PS4 Pro in most respects it's the first one ever to come with a 2TB hard drive as standard and has a unique dark blue translucent casing and gold lettering. And, for the very lucky few who can get them, we have a few "extra special" hardware units with serial numbers that commemorate important events in the history of PlayStation. Sony tells gamers to be on the lookout for certain special serial numbers, which include 09995, the USA launch date of the original PlayStation, and 01115, the USA launch date for the PS4. As with the Gold Wireless Headset, it will be sold in limited quantities in early September 2018. According to the company, it will be available on August 24, although pricing hasn't been announced at this time.

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