Man's limbs amputated after being licked by dog

Faith Castro
August 2, 2018

Unfortunately for one Wisconsin resident, an innocent lick from man's best friend likely ended up costing him some body parts, and almost cost him his life.

Avid biker Greg Manteufel was forced to have the bottom of his legs amputated below the knee after capnocytophaga - a awful bacteria - caused him to lose all blood circulation there through sepsis.

She said life as they knew it changed forever after blood tests revealed an infection caused by the bacteria Capnocytophaga. It's present in the saliva of most healthy dogs and is usually not harmful to humans.

Dawn Manteufel said doctors told them her husband's case is not common and more like a "crazy fluke", according to WITI. "Looked like somebody beat him up with a baseball bat", the patient's wife, Dawn Manteufel said, via WHNT. By the next morning, his temperature had soared and he was delirious.

A week after being admitted to the hospital, the 48-year-old lost his legs and hands.

The bacteria had seeped into Manteufel's bloodstream, and caused sepsis. The bruises on his body were actually blood spots caused by the sepsis.

Within a week of being in the hospital, doctors first amputated Greg's feet and then his legs up to his kneecaps.

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"We can't wrap our heads around it that all of the sudden, he's 48 years old and been around dogs all of his life and this happens", Dawn Manteufel said. It took a week and they were taking his legs.

"[Greg] doesn't want anybody to think he doesn't love dogs anymore", Dawn said".

Greg Manteufel has been at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee for about a month.

He's in good spirits, his wife said, aware of what he has lost but at peace that he must now live an entirely different life, sitting in a power wheelchair. "It's just chance", Dr. Munoz-Price told the Patch.

It is unclear if Greg had any pre-existing conditions but he developed sepsis, or blood poisoning, and his nose, both of his hands and his legs beneath his knees turned black. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up and has generated nearly $30,000 as of Wednesday morning.

His family said they were hoping the surgeries would stop there, however after further analysis, surgeons made the decision to amputate to mid-forearm on both arms "due to extensive damage to the tissues and muscles".

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