Germany jails couple jailed for pimping young son online

Frederick Owens
August 7, 2018

As for Berrin, the judge described her as initially participating in the scheme in order to maintain her relationship with Christian but says she then became motivated by money; videos of the abuse were also sold on the darknet.

The 39-year-old admitted the 100-page charge sheet was accurate, except for a few minor details, saying that he had put pressure on his girlfriend to allow her son to be raped and abused by men they found online. The court ruled that the man, who had a previous conviction for child sex offenses, must remain in preventive custody after serving his sentence.

A German mother and her partner were convicted and jailed Tuesday for repeatedly raping the woman's young son and selling him to pedophiles on the internet, abusing him for more than two years in a case that has horrified the country.

Berrin was sentenced to 12½ years in prison while Christian received a 12-year sentence in Freiburg state court.

Taha and Lais, both German nationals, were accused of rape, aggravated sexual assault of children, forced prostitution and distribution of child pornography. As for that footage, investigators have said it brought them "to their limits".

The case came to light following an anonymous tip-off last September, and led to the arrest of eight people who have been charged with belonging to an online paedophile ring.

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Diaz, 33, was ordered to pay the boy more than $20,800 in damages.

The mother's partner was supposed to be banned from having contact with children.

In his verdict, Buergelin said Taha went along with the abuse at first so she would not lose Lais as a partner and later "for financial motives".

The abuse was filmed, and police were alerted to the case and arrested the pair in 2017.

The boy is in foster care and did not have to testify during the trial. His lawyer told reporters Tuesday that he was doing well "under the circumstances".

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