Yankees' Brian Cashman backs Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's pick

Frederick Owens
July 11, 2018

Fox News was a close second to CBS a year ago when Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch in a similar prime-time show, but that was on a winter night when many CBS viewers were probably anticipating a new episode of "NCIS".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opened Tuesday's meeting with a strong endorsement, saying Kavanaugh's resume is superb.

Brown, a prominent liberal voice, said he had some "serious concerns" about Kavanaugh's rulings - but insisted he hasn't made a decision.

The letter, addressed to the law school's leadership and Dean Heather Gerken, argued that Kavanaugh, as a possible Supreme Court justice, puts American democracy in danger and called his nomination an "emergency". That would be binding precedent of the court.

At the Supreme Court on Monday night, a man in a Trump mask was handing out phony three-dollar bills with a cartoon of Vladimir Putin stringing The Donald along like a marionette. Though Kennedy was seen as a conservative justice, he was a swing vote on some issues and authored opinions legalizing same-sex marriage and keeping Roe v. Wade intact. It's unclear what evidence there is for that, other than Trump's promise to appoint anti-abortion judges.

On the flashpoint issue of abortion, as a judge, Kavanaugh ruled against an immigrant teenager seeking an abortion while in federal detention. ABC and CBS went with messages that Trump was announcing his nominee, and added Kavanaugh's name when the judge joined Trump onstage.

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But White House officials cautioned Sunday that Trump's informal conversations with golf partners and friends did not necessarily hint at whom he would ultimately select for the court, a decision that could tilt the bench to the right for decades.

So far, Democrats are uniting behind a strategy to turn the confirmation fight into a referendum on conservatives' efforts to undo abortion access, chip away at health care protections under the Affordable Care Act and protect Trump from Mueller.

Trump said in the wake of Kennedy's retirement that he would not be asking potential justices about Roe v. Wade. Since the mandate did not kick in until 2014, he wrote, the court could not render an opinion. In a dissent, he expressed sympathy for the religious challengers. Kavanaugh also benefited from a ringing endorsement from former President George W. Bush.

Kavanaugh, 53, is a longtime fixture of the Republican legal establishment. He routinely decides for the powerful against the powerless when safety, equality, consumer rights, the environment and workers protections are at stake. They hold enormous power over the economic and social life of the United States. The framers established that the constitution is created to secure the blessings of liberty. "To mitigate the risk to individual liberty, the independent agencies historically have been headed by multiple commissioners or board members".

"If the President does something dastardly, the impeachment process is available", Kavanaugh wrote.

And while all this was going on back in Washington, the promise-keeper was on Air Force One for a day-flight to Europe, where he will dun the deadbeat Albanians and Portuguese and Luxembourgeois to pay for their tranche of the stale North Atlantic Treaty Organisation torte, and where he may just ask Vladimir Putin whom he should nominate the next time there is an opening on the Supreme Court. "They're already starting the smearing, the besmirching, the fear mongering and the character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh".

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