Waltham native Thomas Hardiman still among Trump's Supreme Court finalists

Danny Woods
July 9, 2018

He also co-authored a book on the glories of solitude and its critical role in leadership.

Judging from the comments of TV pundits and news reporters, the betting seems strong that Trump will wind up choosing Judge Kavanaugh, a federal appeals court judge who sits on the District of Columbia circuit.

The first two are the top contenders for the position, the report said. "I'll give you the answer", Trump said. "It was distracting. I really had to get that chapter done in the short time I had up there".

Kethledge, 51, cuts an improbable figure for the capital at this fractious political moment. He was confirmed in June 2008 and received commission in July 2008.

Kavanaugh has a reputation as a staunch originalist and conservative who more often than not rules in the favor of federal separation of powers and resists the expansion of administrative federal offices. According to biographical information submitted in 2006, he was born in Winchester and grew up in Waltham, where he even briefly worked as a taxi driver after graduating from Notre Dame in 1987.

Before that, Kethledge was counsel to then-Sen. But the second time around, Murkowski could prove to be more hard for the White House to get a solid yes.

President Donald Trump offered insight Friday into what he will be looking for in his pick to replace outgoing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Both senators supported all three of Trump's reported finalists when they were nominated as circuit court judges.

Mr Thapar was on the shortlist of candidates after judge Antonin Scalia died in 2016. "The federal right to abortion was wrongly rooted in a legal fiction", Massachusetts Family Institute president Andrew Beckwith rebuts.

On abortion, Barrett has said that she believes life begins at conception, and has also criticized Roe v. Wade.

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Kethledge also has earned the scorn of some conservatives who question his views on immigration.

Donnelly is easily one of the most conservative or moderate Democrats in the Senate.

The opinion concluded that the auto theft did not fit the bill of a "crime of violence" and, therefore, was not an "aggravated felony" that warranted deporting him.

Already some very fine parsing of the potential nominees' records is taking place.

But Kethledge instead joined the Sutton opinion, which focuses largely on the injustices endured by the mentally ill, criticizing the government for tacking too close to "the unfair generalizations that once applied to individuals with mental health challenges" in its arguments. The majority said the blows were gratuitous, but in his dissent, Kethledge said "each blow was necessary" because the man was "defiant throughout, refused to stay on the ground, and resisted being handcuffed".

In 2017, Kethledge coauthored "Lead Yourself First" a book which details how leaders can benefit from Solitude.

The book argues that good leadership requires a measure of solitude, a rare commodity in these hyper-connected times.

"He looks, walks and quacks like John G. Roberts Jr.", said former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II, referencing the chief justice of the United States, who angered conservatives with his rulings on President Barack Obama's signature health-care law.

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