Twitter purge means fewer followers for Trump, Obama, Justin Bieber

Frederick Owens
July 14, 2018

By contrast, President Donald Trump's Twitter account lost some 300,000 followers and dropped from 54.4 million to 53.1 million followers.

Pop music artist Katy Perry, whose account is the most followed, lost more than 2.8 million followers on Thursday, a 2.6 percent fall from the day earlier.

As of this writing, President Trump had 53.1 million followers, but on July 11, he had 53.4 million, according to the Wayback Machine. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lost followers, but he didn't appear upset about it. Dorsey tweeted he lost 200,000 followers, followed by the waving emoji. This week, we'll be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally. Perry, who had 110 million followers before the purge, now has 107 million followers. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that they were performing a "purge", of sorts, which would get rid of frozen or suspicious accounts. However, looking at the most popular celeb and politicians accounts before and after Twitter's crackdown suggested a stringent effort by the micro-blogging platform.

Other celebrities also lost big.

Twitter had warned that it will lock all accounts that show suspicious activity, which has directly impacted the number of followers on a particular account.

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YouTube's official Twitter handle witnessed a 2.8 percent dip and now has 70.39 million followers.

Nobody messes with Twitter, you see. Others are unwittingly followed by accounts that have gone dormant. The company predicted most users might see a modest impact, but that the loss would be amplified for accounts with large follower counts.

Unilever was among the major companies that threatened in February to pull advertising from social-media services, including Twitter, because of a rise in hate speech, abusive content and fake news.

Twitter chose to sanitise the platform by removing inactive and locked accounts. Locked accounts had already been kept out of Twitter's daily and monthly active user figures.

According to Twitter, the new measures are aimed at improving accuracy in a bid to make the site a "more trusted service for public conversation".

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