Octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup outcomes killed and sold as food

Lynette Rowe
July 6, 2018

A "psychic" octopus which correctly guessed the outcome of Japan's group stage matches at the World Cup has been boiled alive and sold at a fish market.

Rabiot was caught near Hokkaido island and had successfully predicted the result of Japan's group-stage matches against Colombia, Poland and Senegal.

Japan cruelly lost their Round of 16 match 3-2 on Monday to Belgium, despite leading 2-0 well into the second half.

Despite gaining national attention for its success, however, the fisherman who caught Rabio, Kimio Abe, sent him to market before Japan's third match against Poland.

Its method involved being placed into a pool with three baskets of food representing Japan winning, Japan's opponent winning and a draw. He did this by swimming to various corners of a small paddling pool, each labeled Win, Lose, or Draw.

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Rabio is not the only octopus to have been blessed with the supposed psychic power of predicting worldwide football matches.

It's not first time we are seeing an animal predicting matches of FIFA World Cups, before Rabiot the octopus there was a Russian cat named Achilles, and the most known was Paul the Octopus who became an global star after predicting the results of all Germany's game in the FIFA World Cup 2010. It is not known whether the replacement octopus predicted the result correctly, although it is certain that it will meet a similar fate to Rabiot.

Paul the Octopus was the first in a series of animal prophets to predict World Cup results, correctly backing Spain to win the tournament in 2010.

Now, all we have left is the Russian cat Achilles, who correctly predicted the Russian team would beat Saudi Arabia and then Egypt, although it got the victor of the Nigeria versus Argentina game wrong.

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