Ant-Man and the Wasp Ending Explained

Danny Woods
July 6, 2018

She then knows exactly what Nick Fury is paging her about (as seen in the Infinity War post-credits scene) and she flies back to earth to link up with the surviving Avengers. This time, he's not on a rescue mission, but after more "quantum particles", which he alludes to being part of Ghost's "cure" (the solution to her problem of phasing in and out of different quantum states uncontrollably).

Ant-Man and The Wasp focuses heavily on the Quantum Realm.

Wired has linked up with the cast of Marvel's latest hyped movie, Ant-Man and The Wasp, to answer the internet's most-searched questions surrounding the movie.

What happens: Back at Scott's house, everything is chaos.

The second post-credits scene takes place immediately after the first. That's a lot of action for a single sequel, and critics say Ant-Man and the Wasp definitely doesn't lack moving parts, but director Peyton Reed manages to wrangle them all into a fun, amusing pause between senses-shattering rounds of the war with Thanos. The TV is showing only the "Emergency Broadcast System" signal - probably as a result of the mayhem caused by Thanos. At one point, Scott hears silence from his allies, leaving him trapped in the Quantum Realm. The ant who'd subbed in for Scott's daily routine is not only home, he's having the time of his life banging on Scott's electric drum kit. Combine that with Janet's warning about the time vortex, and we have to wonder if Scott is gonna be involved in some time-travel shenanigans come Avengers 4.

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There's basically an endless list of possibilities revolving around the Quantum Realm. He presents some possible theories that you might have missed in the movie and connects them to what we might be seeing in in Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

Ant-Man remains stuck in Quantum Realm.

It's also worth considering that the Quantum Realm may have literally been out of reach of Thanos's snap all together, and thus, in one way or another, immune to the Infinity Stones' powers.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is one fun ride which never loses its steam. The fallen heroes were reduced to dust in Infinity War and not shown to be explicitly dead.

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