WTF??? Priest Slaps Crying Baby During A Baptism!

Frederick Owens
June 22, 2018

Disturbing footage of a French-speaking Catholic priest slapping a baby boy across the face during his baptism has emerged online.

The video first gained attention after a Reddit user posted the clip in a subreddit with the title "This happened today in France, I'm really shocked".

Some users on Reddit have noted that everyone is speaking French in the video and translated what the priest is saying.

The priest initially attempts to console the infant by holding its head, but when that fails the priest appears to lose his temper and slaps the baby in the face.

The Daily Mail quickly got wind of the video, but it's not known when the footage was filmed, just that it was captured in a church where the ceremony was conducted in French.

Things escalate when the child becomes increasingly distraught - prompting the priest to tell the crying toddler to "Calm down, calm down" repeatedly before slapping the child on the face.

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The woman can be heard saying something to the priest before the man has to physically remove the baby from the priest's arms.

"I'm going to put water on the forehead, and after I'll embrace the young fellow".

His aggression prompts an immediate reaction as the baby cries more loudly.

"There, you have to calm yourself, you have to calm yourself, there, there", he said.

The priest then attempts to pull the child closer before a bearded man grapples him away.

People on YouTube took to the comments section to express their outrage at the priest's behavior.

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