With Fortnite Playground Issues Continuing, Epic Replaces Another Limited-Time Mode

Isaac Cain
June 30, 2018

The Final Fight game mode forced teams to travel to a third and final circle, where the storm was halted and a countdown clock began.

We're still unable to resolve issues preventing the launch of the Playground LTM.

3pm has rolled around, and it seems Epic hasn't released an update about the state of the Playground LTM mode.

Introduced as part of yesterday's v4.5 update to Fortnite, Playground is a limited time mode where up to four players are able to drop into a map together, experiment with weapons and building, shoot each other with minimal effect, and basically just learn to play the game better without fearing having to start queuing for a match over again from the start. "Due to this, we'll be disabling Final Fight and re-enabling the 50v50 LTM".

News of the delay comes right as many suspected it would go live, and comes way of the game's official Twitter account.

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We'll update you as more information on Playground becomes available.

When Epic Games first announced they would be introducing "Playground Mode" early this week, fans and streamers went wild.

Now, in-game announcements for the Battle Royale mode for Fortnite are teasing another big event with the 'Blast Off!' tag, lending credence to weeks of rumours that this season will culminate with the launch of some kind of missile. Epic Games appears to be using this 50v50 LTM as an excuse to garner data and feedback on two of its newest items and weapons; according to the same Reddit post by Epic, this 50v50 LTM will contain twice the normal rate of dual pistol spawns, twice the normal rate of bounce pad spawns, and 50% greater resource rates.

"We've been working on major matchmaking improvements over the last 24 hours, and we've also isolated Playground matchmaking to its own cluster so if it gets backed up, the worst that happens is longer Playground matchmaking times while the regular modes are unaffected".

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