IHOP name change revealed; restaurant now called IHOB

Danny Woods
June 12, 2018

When IHOP said it would change its name to IHOb, the speculation ran rampant: The International House of Breakfast, or Bacon, or even Blintzes?

The restaurant chain announced Monday that the "b" in IHOb stands for burger.

For what it's worth, the name change is reportedly temporary and only being done in an effort to promote the chain's new burger line.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, IHOP announced that they would be making a huge change, renaming the iconic restaurant chain to IHOb, with a lower case "b". "We've pancaked pancakes for 60 years now, so it's the flawless time to start burgerin' burgers".

Big changes are in store for the popular breakfast spot, IHOP.

Others had more fun, speculating that the B stood for bitcoin or break dancing.

The former leader in much needed hangover food has made a decision to enter into the burger joint business.

Getty Images | Andrew Burton
Getty Images | Andrew Burton

Although at least one IHOP location in Hollywood received new IHOb signs, IHOP president Darren Rebelez told CNNMoney the vast majority of the almost 1,800 other locations will still go by IHOP.

"Dear internet thanks to everyone asking me this but no not every brand is having an identity crisis so I'm gonna stick to Pop-Tarts", their tweet said.

Other companies like MoonPie and Pop-Tarts threw some not-so-subtle shade at IHOb.

Although the name change may not be permanent, a few IHOP's in Los Angeles have taken things to the next level by changing their store signs.

IHOb is offering special deals on the new burgers included on its menu for a limited time.

Professional baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies went to the trouble of making its own name change announcement video that turns the MLB franchise into the "bhillies".

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