Fortnite reaches 125 million players | PC

Isaac Cain
June 17, 2018

Epic made the announcement during its "Fortnite" Pro-Am at E3 on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Epic Games have updated the official Fortnite FAQ with Nintendo Switch specific information. It will split the money between many events at different levels of competition worldwide. Epic said it is not selling any franchise/team spots for its premiere event nor will it allow a third party to do so. The World Cup itself will focus on Solos and Duos, but there will apparently be plenty of opportunities to squad-up competitively too. There is no word on the Fortnite: Save The World mode of the game which is just on PC so far, but the full Fortnite: Battle Royale experience appears to be there.

Given that Fortnite is pretty much a free to play a game that works exactly the same way no matter the platform, it's only Sony's PS4 owners that are left out of cross-play games.

The qualifiers will begin in autumn 2018, with the World Cup event due to take place in late 2019.

Modeled on the popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, celebrities such as Drake have been playing Fortnite and pro-gamer Ninja allegedly makes $500,000 every month playing the game.

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This fantastic news was shared by an Epic Games developer on Nintendo's Treehouse livestream at E3.

In case you've been living under a rock over the pass year, here's the basic premise of the game: It's is a free-to-play, cartoonish Battle Royale game where players duke it out until there's a victor. It's especially frustrating for those who paid $10 for the Battle Pass, which adds premium features to the game - it means you'll have to buy it all over again with your brand-new second account. In fact, Sony had earlier kicked up a similar fuss about cross-platform support for Rocket League, another immensely popular game.

If you want to dig into the minutiae of the game's Switch performance, VG Tech has also prepared a document breaking down total frame amounts, frame time counts, screen tearing, and more.

At one point, the slow play even elicited a call for a format change from broadcaster Kassie "Gloom" Isabelle.

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