California 'three states' plan OK'd for November ballot

Frederick Owens
June 14, 2018

A radical proposal to divide California into three separate states will appear on the ballot across the Golden State in November.

A publicized effort by activists to have California secede from the United States, branded the "Calexit" proposal, continues to be bandied about for the ballot in 2020.

Under the proposal, the central state of California would consist of the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and San Benito.

The remaining 40 counties would be part of the state of Northern California or a name chosen by its residents.

And Southern California, moving from Mono County along the state's eastern and southern borders to San Diego, and including Fresno and Kern counties. The state's elaborate system of aqueducts would become a managerial-and political-challenge for three states instead of just one.

Now, the legendary Silicon Valley investor is making headway on a longtime and perhaps unrealistic effort to split California into three separate states: Northern California, California (new), and Southern California.

The plan to divide California
The plan to divide California

The three new states would consist of Northern California, extending from the San Francisco Bay Area north to the OR border and east to the Nevada border; California, including Los Angeles County and extending northwest along the Central Coast; and Southern California, including San Diego and the rest of the southern part of the state. The number of representatives in the U.S. House could change slightly based on each state's population breakdown. He and backers also argue that voters outside of large urban areas such as Los Angeles are underserved in Sacramento because so many state lawmakers come from major cities.

If the measure is approved by voters, the governor will transfer the notice of state approval to Congress, which will vote to ratify the creation of the new three-state structure.

California governments would be served by three smaller state governments.

Padilla said he would certify the initiative on June 28 unless it is withdrawn by Draper. Critics said some of the more rural regions would suffer from extraordinary rates of poverty as individual states, while coastal communities flourished in new, smaller states where the lion's share of California tax revenue is generated. Though California's prisoners come from all over the state, more than half are now held in what would become Southern California.

This isn't the first time that Draper attempted to get an initiative to break apart the most populous state. "Californians deserve a better future".

Turning one state into three would create four new USA senators, a move that would significantly boost Californians' influence in Washington.

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