ASUS ROG Phone: clip-on cooling, was built for PUBG

Isaac Cain
June 6, 2018

Starting with the ROG Phone, Asus claims that it is consistently the fastest model in a range of benchmarks.

There is a lot of great things packed into the phone and its various accessories, but at the end of the day, it is doubtful anyone will ever really care about the ROG, partly because of game support and more obviously, cost.

ASUS has been offering displays designed especially for console gaming for over 1.5 years now, primarily targeting mainstream PlayStation 4 and Xbox One machines and thus offering a Full HD resolution. The display has a refresh rate of 90Hz placing it in the leagues of the Razer Phone.

There's more. The phone has three ultrasonic "AirTrigger" touch sensors - two are created to be left and right triggers at the top of display for gaming in landscape mode, and a third one designed for portrait-mode use.

Driving the pixels in that swanky screen is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip coupled with Adreno 630 graphics, the same kind of SoC found in the OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S9, so no surprises there.

The ASUS ROG Phone is meant to compete in this new gaming smartphone niche, the one pioneered by Razer.

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Since it's still a smartphone, you do get a dual-camera 12MP + 8MP wide-angle setup at the rear, while the front comes with an 8MP selfie shooter. It also includes front-facing speakers, a force-feedback engine, enhanced cooling and even a 6000mAh battery pack.

Asus has also announced a quad DAC ROG Delta headset with USB-C for mobile gaming and Strix SCAR II and Strix Hero II laptops. One is on the left side, next to a proprietary Asus accessory port, and has USB 3.1 and 15W support.

We don't yet have exact pricing or availability for ROG Phone, but ASUS says we can expect to see it launch in Q3 of this year. The Mobile Desktop Dock, as the name suggests, is a dock placing the smartphone on which will let you play game titles on the connected large monitor (s). The TwinView Dock turns the ROG Phone into a dual-screen gaming machine, taking its inspiration from the Nintendo DS. The side port can be used for charging while gaming so the cable doesn't interfere with your hand. Further, the handset has two USB Type-C ports, of which USB 2.0 is on the bottom and supports 20W fast charging, while USB 3.1 Gen 1 is on the side that only supports 15W fast charging. Unlike desktops and laptops, there's little space in a phone to cram a powerful fan inside, so this'll be a welcome addition to you if you like long gaming sessions. Ideal for those who actually stream their mobile games, you could have the game running on one screen, wand Twitch interactions on the other.

The bundled cooler obviously is in place to cool down the smartphone during periods of intense gaming. It also has controller-style grips, a fan, shoulder buttons, and a 6,000 mAh battery.

You can use it by playing on your smartphone or broadcasting the image to the TV with WiGig Dock, which wirelessly stream using Wi-Fi 802.11ad 60 GHz.

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