Apple Will Replace Faulty MacBook Keyboards Free of Charge

Isaac Cain
June 24, 2018

Apple acknowledged a keyboard flaw in what it said was a small percentage of its MacBook and MacBook Pro models in its free keyboard service program announcement Friday.

Apple is offering free keyboard repairs to MacBook and MacBook Pro customers who have been affected by certain keyboard issues. Out-of-warranty repairs can cost $700 (roughly Rs. 47,500), requiring an upper case replacement.

The online Apple discussion thread shows some users have reported an issue with the "butterfly" keyboard design since previous year, with complaints mounting in recent months. Now having the same issue with my MacBook Pro and hearing countless others with the same experience, it seems it wasn't me after all.

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To use the fix program, eligible MacBook owners need to make an appointment at an Apple store or find an authorized company service provider.

Worse, the butterfly keyboard design is endemic unreliable. The issue has been reported several times in the past, and even led to a lawsuit being filed in North California's district court, and petition. The "butterfly" design made keyboards thinner but quickly sparked complaints that the keys tended to stick or were unresponsive. If my keyboard ever fails, I expect it will be at the most inopportune time, but at least that hassle and frustration won't come with a big price tag too. The first generation butterfly keys launched on the 12-inch MacBook Retina back in 2015, and then Apple announced a second-generation design in the new MacBook Pro.

And, please, continue keeping the issue quiet so that Apple can keep receiving its industry-best brand reliability award from Consumer Reports, whose scores are based exclusively on owner feedback. "Service may involve the replacement of one or more keys or the whole keyboard". Though you might face some charges if your laptop is damaged in some other way to the point that it interferes with keyboard repairs. Affected users may contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider, make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store, or mail in their device for service.

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