Possible explosion not expected to be deadly

Isaac Cain
May 12, 2018

Authorities on Thursday completed the removal of highly flammable chemicals from a nearby power plant in the path of lava. By Wednesday, 116 acres of land had been covered with lava and about 1,700 people...

Those hazards include swift-flowing plumes of hot gas and volcanic matter known as pyroclastic density currents, volcanic tsunamis, volcanic mudflows, volcanic ash, flaming chunks of molten rock raining from the sky, avalanches, gas emissions, explosive steam ejections, lava flows and volcanic lightning.

The statement added: "No access is allowed at this time for residents of Lanipuna Gardens due to risky volcanic gases".

"We all know the volcano is able to doing this", Mandeville mentioned, citing comparable explosions at Kilauea in 1925, 1790 and 4 different instances in the previous couple of thousand years.

Therefore, in the coming weeks it will be critical to follow the updates from the USGS and Civil Defense regarding the status of Kilauea, not only at the lava flow field down at Leilani Estates, but also at the summit.

While saying she's sad to have lost her home, she also feels a sense of renewal brought on by Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, to correct overpopulation of the island.

Don Swanson, a geologist with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, said the magma is likely to drop below the water table around the middle of the month. Now there's increased activity in the summit's Halemaumau crater. She says that while there is not now an active volcano in California, another eruption is inevitable.

USPS announced today that the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Post Office will be closed on Friday May 11 due to the possibility of an explosive steam event and ash fall at the summit of Kīlauea Volcano.

He wouldn't estimate the chance of such an explosion, however mentioned the interior volcanic situations are altering in a method that might result in a blast in a few week. "We really don't know for certain", he told reporters on a conference call.

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This event - beautiful, destructive, frightening - also presents a moment for all of us to appreciate the vast power of the forces that never cease shaping our planet.

The problem lies at the summit of Kilauea, where a lava lake has been draining quickly at a rate of about 6.5 feet per hour, dropping 970 feet below the surface over the past week.

Kilauea - which has been in a near-constant state of eruption for more than 30 years - isn't a volcano that typically erupts explosively in a cloud of ash and spewing lava, the way most people may imagine.

In little more than a week, the top of the lava lake has gone from spilling over the crater to nearly 295 metres below the surface as of Thursday morning.

What causes it: That crater has a vent - a crater within the crater - that has a fluctuating lake of lava.

"At this time, we cannot say with certainty that explosive activity will occur, how large the explosions could be, or how long such explosive activity could continue", an advisory said, according to CNN.

Once the lava drops, rocks that had been superheated could fall into the lava tube.

On the present fee of change, that's about six or seven days away.

Cindy Wood was visiting the national park from Canada.

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