North Korea to become nuclear weapons state: Former diplomat

Frederick Owens
May 15, 2018

"He further quoted a recent statement by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un saying, "(nuclear weapons) are a treasured sword for protecting the peace.

Besides making surprising advances in its missile capabilities in 2017, North Korea's leadership has focused on peddling its significance to its own society and culture: the regime revised its constitution in 2012 to tout its nuclear ambitions, and despite saying it no longer needs to conduct nuclear tests, its nuclear capabilities still remain an essential part of Kim's domestic and worldwide clout.

"Even though the USA has said that it will provide economic assistance if North Korea achieves denuclearization, the promise by the us can not be trusted", Kim reportedly said to Xi, according to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun on May 13, citing unnamed diplomatic resources.

Washington is seeking the "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID)" of the North and stresses that verification will be key.

"This has been the trade-off that has been pending for 25 years".

"This will be Americans coming in - private sector Americans, not the U.S. taxpayer - private sector Americans coming in to help build out the energy grid", he said.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese regime-North Korea's communist ally-has been eager to exert itself into U.S.

The delegation led by the person visited Zhongguancun in Beijing, which is known as "China's Silicon Valley", the source said, adding North Korea and China may be trying to bolster their economic exchanges. "Those are the kind of things that if we get what it is the President has demanded - complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of North Korea - that the American people will offer in spades".

The security would also include an assurance for the continuance of the rule by Kim-II-sung family via succession.

Trump and Kim are scheduled to meet in Singapore on June 12.

"I've been on the job about five weeks", Bolton said. He says Trump's confrontational Twitter diplomacy over the previous year was "baffling to many", but says it's created enough North Korean uncertainty about American intentions to coax Kim into talks. "No president has ever put America in a position where the North Korean leadership thought that this was truly possible that the Americans would actually do this", Pompeo told Fox News.

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