Judge orders 30-year-old son to vacate mom's home

Frederick Owens
May 25, 2018

In a real-life case of "failure to launch", an upstate NY couple got so fed up with their unemployed 30-year-old son's refusal to leave home that they finally sued to evict him.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered a 30-year-old man to leave his parents' home, where he has been living for the past eight years.

Mark and Christina Rotondo brought the case to court after their adult son, Michael, ignored several eviction letters from them over the past few months, Syracuse.com reported.

A "reasonable amount of time", in his view, was six months, but his parents disagreed, sending him notices directing him to leave, including one that said they were providing $1,100 for him to find his own accommodations, U.S. media reported.

Christina and Mark Rotondo are suing their unemployed son, Michael, in order to have him evicted from the house in Syracuse, the New York Post reports.

Update: Judge Greenwood ruled for Michael Rotondo to vacate his mother's home by June 1 at noon.

"You say you're entitled to six months, which really seems to be kind of outrageous, that somebody in this day and age could be in somebody else's home with a six-month notice before they have to leave", Greenwood said. But when asked about his business, [Michael] replied: "'My business is my business'".

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Despite being taken to court, Michael Rotondo still didn't get the hint.

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you", the letter said. "Get one - you have to work!" the Rotondos wrote to their son.

Today, the parents' lawyer, Anthony Adorante, told the judge he was looking for a court order that could be enforceable by sheriff's deputies.

Michael, who turns 31 in July, doesn't work and drives around a beat up Volkswagen Passat.

He said while he lived under the same roof as his parents, he did not speak to them.

Asked how he interacted with his parents under the same roof, Rotondo said there were no incidents, but that he did not talk to his parents. "If that's not the case, I don't know". Michael Rotondo said he did take the money, but it wasn't enough to live anywhere else.

He said six months was "a reasonable amount of time for someone who has been depending on persons for support".

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