Google will remind the user to stop watching videos on YouTube

Gwen Vasquez
May 14, 2018

YouTube is kicking off Google's plans to help users balance technology and life. Video streaming platform YouTube is also a part of the initiative, under which users will be able to schedule custom breaks to step away from their online lives for a while.

The new features are first expected to hit the 13.17 and higher versions of the YouTube mobile app on both iOS and Android, the report said. So let's take a look at how this Take a break feature works.

If you have set a reminder for every 15 minutes, you will see a monkey popping up after every 15 minutes of continuous video watching asking you whether it's "Time to take a break?". This won't close the app or pause the video, though, and it's up to you whether or not you will continue procrastinating.

The feature is turned off by default and is obviously optional.

Additionally, there are two more features in the new YouTube notifications menu.

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This feature will appear in YouTube in the General settings and the user can choose the period over which the technology will be to remind him of wasted time. The other new feature is called "Scheduled Digest" that lets users get all of their notification once a day at a particular time.

The changes announced during Google's I/O keynote will roll out in the latest update of YouTube, along with YouTube's ability to send notifications. Once you've reached the limit you set, you'll see a pop-up suggesting you take a break.

I try to be as conscious as possible of my smartphone usage, and while I like to think I've got a good "digital wellbeing" as Google puts it, a helping hand here and there is always appreciated.

It seems like Google has rolled out this feature to a limited number of users.

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