'Deadpool 2' review: The Merc with a Mouth's newest adventure DOA

Danny Woods
May 15, 2018

That feels like a problem for a character so anticipated that the Internet was in an uproar over her casting not matching up to the pages. Both of the "Deadpool" films - unlike each and every comic book/superhero flick - succeed due to their strict avoidance of typical action/adventure/fantasy trappings.

Some favorites from the first film are back - some only briefly - such as housemate Leslie Uggams, girlfriend Morena Baccarin and cab driver Karan Soni.

Just some of the other things that get derided this time are "Yentl", "Frozen", "Stranger Things", Wolverine, Jared Kushner, cultural appropriation, Brad Pitt, the Norwegian band A-ha, "Basic Instinct", "Robocop", fanny packs, "Say Anything", dubstep, "Sharknado" and Reynolds himself, who mocks his disastrous earlier decision to play Green Lantern.

Sequels often suffer from trying to cram too much in and by focusing too much on upping the stakes. A tragic incident brings Wade into the X-Men fold which leads him to a special, powerful kid named Russell. That was exactly who you think it was. He teased that the last game he played was 1986's "Castlevania" for the NES. "And with the comedic tone that you do, it's actually flawless", recalled Crews. So Wade pulls together an X-Force - including Domino (Atlanta's Zazie Beetz), Bedlam (Terry Crews), the Vanisher (a surprise A-list actor), Zeitgeist (It's Bill Skarsgard), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) and a guy with no powers whatsoever (Rob Delaney) - to stop Cable and save the boy. "Ours is, 'when they go low, we go lower.' We're willing to go all the way, dig all the way down to get a laugh".

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"Deadpool 2" is a worthy follow-up to the hit original movie.

The Manchester United uniform got a Deadpool upgrade, the video has the team wearing red and white uniforms which have been inspired by the superhero's costume. The plot, characters, humor and action escalate into a hilarious, exciting and engaging finale. Many Korean idols have stunned crowds on King of Mask Singer, but certainly nothing like this. What he lacked in an exciting stage presence he made up for with pitch.

Like the first one, this is an eminently quotable movie, though most of those quotes aren't suitable for print in a family newspaper. Gone is Tim Miller who directed the first film and exited the follow-up due to creative differences with Reynolds over the direction. There's nothing particularly great or memorable, and that's a shame given Leitch's inventiveness on previous films like John Wick and Atomic Blonde.

It's also the ideal chaser for that apocalyptic adventure, bursting with the same kind of irreverent, fourth-wall-breaking humor and stylized violence that made the first film such a success.

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