Brandon Marshall says President Trump's anthem comments were 'disgusting'

Frederick Owens
May 25, 2018

Trump, who previously called protesting National Football League players "Sons of Bitches", said any players not following the new policy "shouldn't be in the country".

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who protested for several games in 2016 and once in 2017, was asked about the president's comments after practice Thursday.

The NBA is only other major sports league that has an anthem policy that requires players to stand for the anthem. Per Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, York said the Niners will halt concession sales at that time. "Listen, I respect the man because he's a human being, first and foremost, but he's just being more divisive - which is not surprising". His plea came just hours before a pre-game ceremony in Houston in tribute to victims of last week's school shooting at nearby Santa Fe, where 10 people were killed and 13 more were wounded. It is what it is. But for him to say that anybody who doesn't follow his viewpoints or his constituents' viewpoints should be kicked out of the country. It's not very American-like, actually to me.It's not very patriotic.

"It's kind of what's wrong with our country right now", Kerr said. Brees thinks all players should stand during the anthem, so his stance is unchanged with the new rule.

"We are supposed to have a conversation about things, talk about things, work things through".

"Pretty much, " Wilson said.

"I'm on the record what I think about the national anthem. It seems that way". His reason, he said later, was to protest what he deemed to be the mistreatment of blacks by police.

"I never go on TV and do or say anything because it's easy - I say it because it's what I believe in", McCain said in a tweet. That's something we think we owe.

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday the vote was "unanimous" among owners, although San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York said he abstained. "Our leadership in the National Basketball Association understands when the NFL players were kneeling, they were kneeling to protest police brutality, to protest racial inequality. But again, there's a policy now, and we just have to work through it". "And I think the more that we can get that message out and understand what they're fighting for and why they're fighting for it, the easier that it's gonna be to make progress". "I would expect that everybody is going to be out there with their hand over their heart, showing respect to the flag and to the country".

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The new policy mandates that players who are on the sidelines during the anthem be standing, but it allows players the option of remaining in the locker room while the song is performed. From the inside of it, we were in the process of figuring this out and how to put it together. So we're going to have deal with that in time; we'll figure it out. "Whatever we do, whatever happens here".

"It's just typical of the NFL", Kerr said.

Will the NFL fine fans who buy concessions while the National Anthem is played?

"This place is going to stand up, our guys are going to continue to stand up and do what we need to do, " Carroll said.

"I love my children".

Fans deserve better. So, for that matter, does the rest of America. Baldwin did try to expand on his quick reaction. They can and do speak out against our leaders, protest over causes ridiculous and legitimate, write letters to the editor of the newspaper and refuse to support businesses due to their policies.

"If somebody takes a knee, that fine will be borne by the organization, by me, not the players". I didn't take a knee, I didn't raise a fist, I didn't sit down.

Outside of the VFW there is disagreement over the NFL's policy.

In changing the policy, Goodell and the owners who supported the change, showed that they were more concerned with how racist and white supremacist enabler Trump and his sycophant Pence felt than the players and founding fathers of the nation.

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