51-year-old Salma Hayek emphasized ample Breasts in baby blue dress

Danny Woods
May 15, 2018

Hayek has been very vocal about the #MeToo movement and the fight for gender equality.

Indian filmmaker Nandita Das and her Manto actor Rasika Duggal joined Hollywood actresses Salma Hayek, Jane Fonda, Kirsten Stewart and Ava DuVernay in a protest on the Cannes 2018 red carpet protest.

Hayek said Weinstein's direct responses were only to herself, and the accusations lodged against him by Nyong'o.

Regarding Hayek, the mogul's spokesperson said, "all of the sexual allegations as portrayed by Salma are not accurate and others who witnessed the events have a different account of what transpired".

If there hadn't been so many accusers, Hayek added, "probably, people would've thought that we made that up".

The 51-year-old said the protest, against female underrepresentation at Cannes and beyond, had been "very meaningful ... as a woman [who] has had to go through all the struggles that all women have to go through".

In a discussion with the Radio Times, Cumberbatch called on male actors to step up to the plate and refuse to take more money than what their female counterparts were being paid, even going as far as to reject work outright.

She said they had also targeted the testimony of "Black Panther" star Lupita Nyong'o knowing that "women of colour are believed less".

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One actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, on Sunday said he would boycott film projects that do not pay women the same as their male co-stars.

Weinstein and his team of publicists rarely responded to allegations from individual women in the news, providing general statements and denials to the press.

In a lengthy statement, Weinstein apologised for his "boorish behavior" following a screening of "Frida" but claimed he never fought with Hayek on set and didn't recall some of her allegations.

She continued: "So he went back attacking the two women of colour, in the hopes of discrediting. if he could discredit us - which would be easier for the audience, the readers, to not believe us - he could then maybe discredit the rest". It also went on to state that all the women from the fraternity were standing as a symbol of determination and progress, which they will all climb together.

In the wake of the scandals that have followed Weinstein's downfall, Hayek said men in Hollywood "are terrified" and that "predators are hiding".

"We are the easiest to get discredited", she said, according to Variety.

She added she found the protest - in which more than 80 women stood on the red carpet - visually arresting: "I was really moved to see physically - which is the best way to do it, because cinema is about visual images - and I think that we talk a lot, but this image, yeah, it looked like we were a lot".

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