Mother of Australian boy who flew solo to Bali 'begged for help'

Gladys Abbott
April 24, 2018

A 12-year-old Australian boy stole a family credit card to travel to an Indonesian island after getting into a disagreement with his family. They eventually figured out Drew was in Bali.

A 12-year-old travelling to Bali all by himself was bound to draw some attention, so to ensure his plan wouldn't get thwarted, Drew made sure to interact with as little airport staff as possible.

He was able to do so by researching Australian airlines which allow minors to travel with only a student ID and passport without a letter from a parent or guardian.

"Drew" was ingenious enough that he realized he could fly alone on multiple Australian airlines from Sydney to Denpasar with just a valid passport and student ID, "A Current Affair" reported.

In the meantime, his mother had reported him missing and said she was "shocked" when she found out where he was. In the morning he gathered a backpack, and announced to parents that going to school, and he went on the train to the airport.

Emma got herself over to Denpasar quickly after that, reuniting with her jet-setting son, and thankfully, ACA was there to capture it all.

Watch the full story on A Current Affair on Monday from 7pm.

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Interestingly, Drew claims that in Australia, no one asked him anything about why he was unattended, or where his parents were, even after learning he was only 12.

He spent four days in Bali, where he said he checked into a hotel, hired a scooter and drank beer before a friend alerted his mother to a geotagged video of himself playing in a swimming pool.

He was only quizzed once, at Perth airport, when staff asked him for identification to prove he was over 12.

When the plane lands, out comes Drew, all alone and in a foreign country.

The enterprising lad had booked two flights with transfers and hotel All Seasons Denpasar.

He then boarded an Jetstar worldwide flight to Bali where he had booked himself into the All Seasons hotel, according to the story broken by the Nine Network's A Current Affair.

At the hotel he was also not asked any questions.

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