Google's new Chat messaging service will work inside Android Messages

Gladys Abbott
April 21, 2018

Before you assume it's another app lined up next to Google's existing messaging apps, let me clarify that it's not an app. But The Verge reports that Google CEO Sundar Pichai chose to halt its consumer chatting efforts and make the standard itself-plain text messages-as good and rich as the top three messaging apps. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean Allo is dead, but at least for now, don't expect many new features hitting the app in the near future. He speculates, "By the end of this year, we'll be in a really great state, and by mid-next year, we'll be in a place where a large percentage of users [will have] this experience..." As reported by The Verge, Google hopes the new service will finally bring messaging on Android up to the same standard as its rivals, including, most notably, Apple. Features such as read receipts, live typing indicators, high-resolution images/videos, and group texts are to be expected in the evolved Android Messages client and any other Chat-supported client. A positive for Google's new chat app users would be that the RCS system would also allow users to communicate through pictures, multimedia and stickers, given the network carriers support the same.

Interestingly, The Verge says customers sending these messages will be charged for data rather than they would for an SMS message.

There are a few important distinctions to note between Chat and SMS, and also iMessage. If the message is sent to the user who has not installed the Chat, or iOS user, they will receive a normal message. Google is also keen to push Chat as a new age replacement of the SMS service of yore. Next, your carrier will send that Chat message to the recipient's carrier. The GSMA estimates that RCS services can account for a $74 billion market by 2021.

Now, as per some reports from the web, Google has halted the development of Allo and has shifted its engineers to develop Android Messages app instead.

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Google has a plan to replace the aging SMS system with a more streamlined system. Google is halting work on it to focus on Chat and put "all its resources into ..." According to him, this can not be implemented without the partnership of carrier-operators and OEMs.

To make the rollout smooth and without any hitch, Google is now arranging with major carriers across the globe to enable them adopt the "Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services".

Google seems to be intended for fixing its messaging platform, the company has announced that they would be shifting its entire research and development team who are now working on the current Allo platform to start focusing and developing this Chat service.

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