Cooler maker Yeti runs afoul of NRA as members threaten boycotts

Frederick Owens
April 25, 2018

In a statement, Yeti took issue with the NRA's characterization, saying Hammer's letter is "inaccurate" and that it's simply halting some "outdated discounting programs" and setting up an "alternate customization program". Money raised at the events provides critical funding for the non-profit foundation's efforts, including the highly touted NRA Eddie Eagle Program, which has already reached 29 million schoolchildren with its gun safety message. He plans to keep the products off the shelves in his store until further notice. fact-checking website known for confirming or refuting rumors, now lists the claim that Yeti dropped the NRA as a "mixture" of truth and false facts. Now they have admitted dropping the Foundation and say they have dropped others.

What's unique about Yeti's situation is that the organization remains staunch in its statements supporting the Second Amendment, denying the NRA's statements.

Other companies that have stopped discounts or programs with the NRA include several vehicle rental businesses, MetLife, Delta and United airlines, along with Nebraska-based First National Bank of Omaha, the nation's largest privately owned bank holding company.

Yeti then doubled down on its commitment to "hunters, anglers, and the broader outdoor community".

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Hammer didn't accept this explanation, asking the "Washington Post," "Isn't that like eliminating a job position so you can get rid of an employee?" "In fact, Yeti should be ashamed", Hammer's letter read. Part of the reason for that is the additional response by NRA-LI's Hammer-and the lack of an additional response by Yeti.

NRA-ILA's 21 April 2018 statement did not actually say YETI had "cut ties" with the organization, but rather that the brand "no longer wished to be an NRA vendor". Attempts to contact YETI for further comment were unsuccessful. So it's not surprising that other companies would rush to align themselves with that core in general-and in some cases, the Second Amendment in particular.

One sensed a buying opportunity, however, writing: "Hey! NRA members and supporters are the bulk of your business as outdoorsmen", one supporter wrote on the page. "Can't have too many of them!" Previously, card-carrying members of the NRA could qualify for discounts from the software company. That includes Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Dick's Sporting Goods, MetLife and Walmart.

And while other companies have made their politically correct decisions to end their relationships with the NRA in the wake of the Florida school shooting, conservative consumers have proven again and again that they will gladly take their business - and their loyalty - to companies which respect the U.S. Constitution.

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