United States warns Turkey over civilians caught in Syria assault

Frederick Owens
March 20, 2018

"And we'll take measures to make sure that we deconflict". There will be extensions.

He also praised the hospitality of people living in Kilis, saying: "Kilis has suffered a lot, but it has opened its arms to our Syrian brothers, shared its bread with them".

Over the previous 48 hours, Turkish forces and Turkish-backed Syrian Arab fighters have surged into the city in northwest Turkey, once defended by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia.

The president said a total of "3,622 YPG terrorists have been neutralized so far".

"Erdogan will have to move on and carry out his promise (of a military operation) towards Manbij and East of Euphrates, because he has brought this up so many times and not to do that would detract from his current victory", warned Idiz.

"By controlling Afrin city centre yesterday, we have passed the most important step of the Olive Branch operation", Erdogan told a gathering of judges and prosecutors in Ankara. Seeking to ease tensions, U.S. and Turkish officials held talks about Manbij earlier this month following a visit by outgoing U.S. State Secretary Rex Tillerson.

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But Turkey sees the YPG as a Syrian offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has waged a bloody insurgency against the Turkish state since 1984. Ankara considers the YPG a terrorist organization linked to a decades-long Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey and has been at odds with Washington for supporting the YPG in the US war against Islamic State militants. "If you can deal with it, you handle it".

"One night, we could enter Sinjar without warning", he said, using the same phrase he used prior to the military campaign in Afrin. If we are friends, you will make it easy for us.

"I joined because I wanted to support the revolution", Campbell tells the camera, saying she had previously fought ISIS in Syria's eastern Deir Ezzor province. "However, if this issue is prolonged much longer there will be an Olive Branch there too".

"Syria condemns the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the crimes it is committing there, and demands the invading forces immediately withdraw from the Syrian territory they occupied", the ministry said in its letters, according to the Syrian official news agency SANA.

The country has "significantly reduced threats" on its borders after capturing the town of Afrin, Bozdağ said, adding that Turkey has collected "most" of the weapons given to YPG militants by the United States, as the YPG left them behind as they fled the town. "We did that before, we did that in Afrin today and we will do it in Manbij and the east of the Euphrates in Syria tomorrow", Cevik wrote. "We are not just watching events like others, we have save the oppressed from the hands of terror organizations", he added.

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