Trump calls for harsh penalties for drug dealers

Frederick Owens
March 12, 2018

"Our new slogan, when we start running, in - can you believe it, two years from now - is going to be, Keep America Great, exclamation point", the President said.

Ahead of his speech, the president tweeted there would be a "big and happy crowd", and that Rick will "help me a lot" if he's in Congress.

For Mr. Trump, now that he has chosen to insert himself into the race, after a string of Republican losses in special elections, it may also be a test of his ability to help win elections. A good man, he called him. "There's no one that I would rather have in my corner than President Trump".

Peter Meyers, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law, said he doesn't agree with the idea of adding more capital crimes for drug dealers, but he said it could be a legal approach: "It very likely would be constitutional if they want to do it".

He went after CNN, too, for its coverage of his recent decision to accept a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump praised other countries for imposing the death penalty or life in prison for drug dealers, saying the United States should consider similar penalties. He pummelled his favourite targets: Democrats and the "fake" news media.

He says the race is about "making America great again". "They should be ready for it", Trump said, suggesting that the US should adopt similar repercussions. That's the president's well-known political slogan adoring hundreds of red hats at the rally.

President Donald Trump right acknowledges the crowd during a campaign rally with Republican Rick Saccone Saturday

While he will argue that he has done much to restore the country to greatness, he will have to make a case that there is enough left undone that he should be given another term to finish the job. Ms. Winfrey previously has said she is not running for president. "I know her very, very well", Trump said, without elaborating what that weakness could be. "Wouldn't we love to run against Oprah?" "I would love it. I'd love it. That would be a painful experience for her".

The rally, which had been rescheduled following the deadly Parkland, Florida, shooting last month, capped a frenzied stretch of fundraising and campaigning on behalf of Saccone, who is locked in a tight race with the Democratic nominee, Conor Lamb. "We need our Congressman Saccone, we have to have him", Trump said. "As soon as he gets in, he's not going to vote for us".

Although Trump won the district by huge margins, and Murphy convincingly won re-election multiple times, most recent polls suggest the Lamb-Saccone race is almost tied.

"Steel is back", he proclaimed a couple of times. "I may leave fast, or we may sit down and make the greatest deal for the world and for all of these countries, including, frankly, North Korea, and that's what I hope happens". As the RNC's leader, she's an extension of the White House political operation, but she also leads a party that has long championed free trade. But he was a hit with the crowd on Saturday. He also dwelled at length on his victory in the electoral college.

Though Trump touted the steel tariff as a win for workers in the district, the steelworkers' union and other labor groups are backing Lamb, a Marine veteran and former federal prosecutor.

"Hey, didn't we surprise them with women during the election?" he said, noting that his opponent was a woman. I don't think we should play games!' he said.

Saturday's appearance was the president's second of the special election campaign.

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